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Case Studies

Explore a collection of case studies that bring Unizin’s data solutions to life. This section features practical stories from consortium members who have successfully implemented Unizin data in various contexts. From improving student retention rates to optimizing course designs, these case studies provide concrete examples of how Unizin’s data-driven approach is making a tangible difference in educational environments. Discover the challenges faced, solutions devised, and the impactful outcomes achieved with help from Unizin’s innovative data solutions.


Image of the first page of the PSU Elevate Case study

Elevate and the UDP

Elevate is a web-based application developed by Penn State to help academic advisers identify students disengaging from their Canvas courses. By leveraging data including the Unizin Data Platform (UDP), Elevate provides timely, actionable insights, enabling advisers to offer tailored support. This innovative tool showcases how data-driven approaches can enhance student success. Discover more about how Elevate is transforming academic advising and supporting student engagement.

Download the Full Case Study (PDF)

Image of the first page of the Course Insights Case Study

Course Insights

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has developed the Course Demographics Suite to promote equitable learning by providing a deep understanding of classroom equity, inclusive instruction, and student performance. Led by Chad Brassil, the initiative utilizes UDP-data to create interactive dashboards that help instructors visualize classroom demographics, identify performance gaps, and apply interventions in real-time.

Download the Full Case Study (PDF)