Published October 11, 2016

NEW YORK, October 11, 2016 – Today, Pearson and Unizin, Ltd. announced a partnership to increase access to affordable digital course materials to college students on the first day of class. Utilizing Unizin’s All Students Acquire model and leveraging Pearson’s Digital Direct Access (DDA) model, Unizin can provide its member institutions with Pearson’s high-quality eTextbook catalog and proven adaptive learning products, such as MyLab™ and Mastering™, at significant cost savings. The partnership will also provide educators with valuable insights into students’ learning activity through data access, enabling instructors to monitor learners’ progress and intervene when needed to ensure they are on the path to success.

Unizin is a nonprofit consortium of 22 leading universities serving more than 750,000 learners. Unizin’s Engage digital learning platform along with publishers’ proprietary content, including Pearson content, have been used to deliver course materials as part of Indiana University’s eText initiative, saving students more than $15 million since 2009.

More than 80 institutions around the country have partnered with Pearson in 2016 to implement the DDA model, which enables schools to deliver high-quality digital course materials to their students on the first day of class at a more affordable cost.

“We are excited to provide these quality instructional materials from Pearson,” said Amin Qazi, CEO at Unizin, Ltd. “With the inclusion of interaction data from Pearson’s catalog, Unizin’s learner analytics strategy is better-positioned to provide the tools for instructors to derive insights and make meaningful interventions in a data-driven learning environment.”

With the addition of Pearson’s eTextbook catalog and adaptive learning products, Unizin makes available more options for leading commercial course materials and high-quality Open Educational Resources. Pearson supports Unizin’s efforts to provide a better learning experience for students at a lower cost. It also ensures that all students have access to digital course materials on the first day of class with the option to print the textbook, if desired. Unizin does not mark up the price of digital content, ensuring students pay the lowest price possible.

“Through our collaboration with Unizin, we are increasing access to pedagogically proven digital course materials at the most affordable price point, which positions more learners to achieve their higher education goals,” said Tom Malek, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Pearson.

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About Unizin
Unizin, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit consortium of 22 leading universities dedicated to promoting affordability, access, and learner success in digital education. Unizin’s interoperable technology ecosystem supports the diverse teaching and learning environments across its institutions. Unizin solutions promote technology standards, enable integrations, eliminate the learner analytics black box, ensure accessibility of content and data, preserve and promote faculty choice, and support institutional collaboration. Unizin is owned and operated by its member universities through a Board of Directors. Unizin is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more on Unizin, visit

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